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Iranian Currency

Iranian currency is Iranian Rial. There is another money unit in Iran which is called Toman and is equivalent to 10 Rials. Toman is more common in oral quotes, while Rial is the official unit and used in most verbal documents. Price etiquettes may come either in  Rial or Toman and usually are understood by the buyers. In case of doubt, check it with the seller.

Current Coins & Banknotes


50. Rls  (5 Toman) Panj Toman



50. Rls  (5 Toman) Panj Toman



250. Rls (25 Toman) Bistopanj Toman



500. Rls (50 Toman) Panjah Toman





100. Rls (10 Toman) Dah Toman





200. Rls (20 Toman) Bist Toman





500. Rls (50 Toman) Panjah Toman





1000. Rls (100 Toman) Sad Toman





2000. Rls (200 Toman) Devist Toman





5000. Rls (500 Toman) Pansad Toman





10000. Rls (1000 Toman) Hezar Toman





20000. Rls (2000 Toman) Dohezar Toman




Regulations on Money Export/Import

- Import of foreign currencies in any amount is free.
- Export of foreign currencies in the form of banknotes and travellers cheque is authorized up to US$ 1,000 or the equivalent amount in other currencies by the bearer of passport, and for each companion (in the case of group passport) up to US dollars 500. Excess thereto is permissible in the form of bank cheque or draft drawn by the banking system.
- Export and import of Rials is permissible up to Rls. 200,000.
- Import and export of Syrian Pounds, Arabian Rials, Emirates Dirhams, Iraqi Dinars, Lebanese Pounds and Afghanis are prohibited by passengers and commercially. In case a passenger has them with him at the time of entry, an exchange declaration must be filled to prevent difficulties on exit.












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